Behavioral Agreement & Media Waiver

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Singer Agreements:

As a member of Portland Choirs, I uphold the integrity of our organization:

-by attending all rehearsals and performances, arriving on time, and staying for the entire duration of scheduled activities;
-by communicating about schedule conflicts in advance;
-by knowing my music thoroughly, practicing independently in addition to regular group rehearsals;
-by keeping my voice in good singing condition, avoiding extraneous shouting;
-by keeping my music organized in a binder and bringing my music binder to every rehearsal;
-by maintaining the condition of my uniform, being well-groomed and neatly dressed for performances and other public appearances;
-by promoting performances in which I'm engaged and encouraging other singers to audition.

In rehearsals and performances, I respect myself and others:

-by allowing each person their own space and refraining from physical contact;
-by empowering the Artistic Director to making programming, casting, and artistic decisions;
-by speaking only when granted permission to do so;
-by refraining from using my cell phone - including texting;
-by practicing kindness at all times, offering support for the growth of others whenever possible;
-by treating the facilities where we meet with care, leaving the space cleaner than before I arrived.

I understand that infractions with these agreements could jeopardize my participation in Portland Choirs without refund.

Parents - please review the above with your singer and enter his/her name below as acknowledgement of these agreements.*

Parent Agreements:

As a parent associated with Portland Choirs, I (we) acknowledge that:

-I (We) have read and understand the standards and expectations stated in the Parent Handbook, and agree to uphold the policies contained therewith;

-I (We) agree to pay promptly the required fees for my/our child to participate in Portland Choirs for the 2015-2016 season. I (We) understand that I (We) am (are) making a financial commitment to pay for the entire season regardless if my (our) child chooses to withdraw from the choir;

-I (We) understand that I (We) am (are) responsible for keeping my (our) child(ren)'s account current, with or without statements provided by Portland Choirs, and for every 30 days tuition payment is in arrears, a $25 late fee will be assessed to my son or daughter's outstanding balance. Additionally, a $25 fee will be assessed for returned checks;

-I (We) will contribute financially at a level consistent with our family's means and the value we derive from our child(ren)'s participation in Portland Choirs;

-I (We) will volunteer for one or more tasks needed to help our organization grow;

-I (We) will provide direct support to our child(ren) in helping them honor their agreements - specifically regarding attendance, practice, promotions, fundraising, and maintenance of Portland Choirs' music and attire;

-I (We) will communicate grievances appropriately: 1) only with the person or persons involved; 2) at an appropriate time (promptly, and when it is mutually convenient); and 3) in a manner consistent with the core values of Portland Choirs (in the spirit of kindness and support).

Parents - please review above and enter your name(s) below as acknowledgement of these agreements.*


This waiver gives permission for the use of name, images, pictures, and recordings of my child(ren) by Portland Choirs without compensation except as may be agreed to in advance for certain specific projects, this permission being a waiver as to all choir functions regardless of payment or other benefits to the choir.

Parents - please enter your name(s) below as acknowledgement of and permission granted for the above-outlined media waiver.*

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