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The backbone of Portland Choirs is the volunteer support provided by the community, most especially the parents. Every family is expected to assist with room monitoring tasks on occasion. In addition to providing support for the Music Director, this service gives parents an opportunity to observe the social dynamics of the learning environment we foster and how your child engages in this setting. Every family is also expected to assist with Fundraising Activities through contributions of time, talents, and resources.

Please indicate the specific tasks for which you'd like to volunteer:

1. Costume Assistant: This person will coordinate taking costume attire to the cleaners, ordering performance attire, taking measurements/sizes, managing payments, delivering items, managing quick fixes before performances, and tracking inventory.
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2. Fundraising: This person will assist with a specific fundraising project including project planning, communication with staff and families, and project organization from start to finish.
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3. Photography: This person loves photography and has the equipment to capture great photos to be shared with Portland Choirs for archival, promotional and website use.
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4. Videography: This person loves video recording and has the equipment to capture great video to be shared with Portland Choirs for archival, promotional and website use.
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5. Scheduling: This person is detail oriented and would like to manage the online Google calendar, keeping it accurate and up to date. Staff will provide updated PDF files throughout the season which are used to update Portland Choirs Google calendar.
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6. Parent Socials: This person or persons will organize and coordinate parent social events to help develop community and cohesion within our choirs. The frequency and depth of planning is up to each choir's organizer(s).
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7. Please list any special skills you would be willing to donate ... such as accounting, bookkeeping, non-profit expertise, legal, musician. If related, please share your profession and any resources or connections you have.

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