Ovation Retreat Pink Sheet

FEBRUARY 5-7, 2016 @ Cedar Ridge Retreat Center, Vernonia, OR

In an effort to keep your chorister as happy and healthy as possible on retreat, please answer the following questions. Chaperones will review this information prior to departure so they get to know your child's particular needs. Please complete one form for each child you are sending on retreat.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required field. If no answer, please type N/A.

Singer's Name:*
Singer's Birth Date:*
Parent Name:*
Parent E-mail:*
Sleeping Habits: Please describe any bedtime rituals, sleeping idiosyncrasies or particular needs your child may have while away from home. For example, reads prior to lights out, listens to music as s/he falls asleep, snores, sleep walks, has difficulty falling asleep, needs a light on, etc. Is your child an early riser, or is s/he difficult to rouse in the morning?*
Medication: Will your child be bringing medication along on the trip? If so, please list all medications, including over the counter, in the space below and information on what the medication is being used for. Is your child able to disperse his/her own medications? If not, please provide explicit dosage directions. Medications that chaperones will be dispensing should be placed in a plastic bag with the child's name printed in Sharpie on both the baggie and medication bottle. Please enclose written directions on a separate piece of paper inside the bag. Meds the chaperones will dispense will be collected on the day of departure and returned at retreat conclusion.*
Medical Allergies / Food Restrictions: A) Please list any allergies to medications, insect bites, or environmental substances. B) Please list any restricted food for religious, ethical, or health-related reasons. And, will your child self monitor?*
Emotional / Behavioral: Please describe any particular emotional or behavioral issues we should know about. For example, homesickness, fears, bothered by loud noises, etc.*
Travel Habits: Has your child ever traveled alone (without parents) before? Please describe any particular difficulties they may have had in the past and what we might expect.*

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